Micah Helstaven

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Duke Sir Micah Helstaven - Mordengaard, Kingdom of the Wetlands.

A.K.A. Micahlò Machiavelli

”You guys and your pagan pizza!” - Overheard in a conversation with Weezicus, Skrag, and Covus.



Started playing in 1995 in the Duchy of Mordengaard. Was there for the first coronation of the Wetlands as a Kingdom. Became the first squire along with his sister squire Thistle of the Wetlands when he was squired by the first knight of the Wetlands Dreagon Helstaven. Has since been squired by Sir Zachry Ironwolf as Dreagon has left the game. Held countless officer terms at Mordengaard and grew up playing the game. Has since moved to Cedar Rapids Iowa where he continues to play and help whenever mundane life permits.

Married to the lovely Julie.

Affiliated Groups

Roger's Raiders

House Beer

Member of the Midwest Trading Company

Micahlò Machiavelli of the Scarlet Meanies

Belted Family

For the unabridged Beltline please see this page.

Notable Accomplishments


Micah looks so happy [1]

More Information

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