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Mithos Yggdrasill, of Dark Shores, Rising Winds


^ Mithos in old assassin garb for the Black Legion. ^

"Mithos? From now on your name is Meat- Shield." - Raphael

"You are one of only a few people I have met in Amtgard who I didn't want to hit with live steel." Akuma to Mithos before being asked to join Arclight

"If Raphael ever evolved he would be a computer" Mithos when hanging with Akuma, Argus Runeaxe and Sefice Doomsinger.


Mithos once known as Isaac,Lance and Crow, began playing the game at the age of 9 or there abouts. Spent most park days playing with Garik as the park was just in it's beginning years. He had left the park two times. The first when he was 9, and about 5 years later he left again after playing for about a year. He has been playing steady, and attending almost every day since he came back once again in the fall of 2010. Known for an outstanding attitude and great sence of humor there has been little wonder why people tend to gravitate towards him.

Affiliated Groups


Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

In just under one week had been in all three of our lands fighter companies- Legio XXI, Omerta, and Arclight

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