Mithril Keep

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A defunct Shire of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds based out of Batavia/Cincinnati, Ohio.




Kingdom of Rising Winds

Founded in October of 1999 with the help of Sir Crosser and FalconRidge in Columbus, Ohio. Mithril Keep had numerous homes over the years and as with most other parks fluctuations of populace. We were originally under Dragonspine and transferred to the Rising Winds when they were a Duchy working towards Kingdom.

In 2007 the chapter nearly went defunct following attempts by former offices whom left to form another park during their reigns while attempting to close the park unbeknownst to the populus.

Per discussion today by the populace, the books on Mithril Keep were closed.

Assets will be distributed per contract. The Mithril Keep yahoo board will be open for one week to serve as communication. After that, please address any inquiries to myself.

Officially removed from the Rising Winds in September 2008.

Baroness Squire Junebug
Monarch Mithril Keep


Our populace varied in age and background. We had stick jocks and artisans with a good mix of talents. The only Fighting Company represented in the park was the Saracens.

Contacts and Directions

(This chapter no longer meets and is now defunct.) Mithril Keep met every Sunday starting at 2:30 pm.

Last known to have played at Pattison park on Ohio SR 50 just west of Owensville.

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