Mobile ORK

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mORK is a mobile application that allows players and Prime Ministers/Chancellors to easily use the ORK on their mobile devices.


Some features are:

  • Players can easily view a summary of their ORK record.
  • Players can easily update their photo in the ORK.
  • Prime Ministers/Chancellors can easily update ORK attendance using one of three methods.
    • Search for the player's name.
    • Scan a QR code generated by the player's mORK application.
    • Scan an NFC tag created by the mORK application.

mORK will allow anyone to write a player's unique profile to an NFC tag as well to make sign-ins more efficient. A typical NFC tags look like a plastic employee card or a small key fob sized disc.

Note: mORK requires a data or wifi connection in order to function, as it directly communicates with the ORK online.

Download Android mORK

Download iOS mORK