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Mogur, Esquire, of Kestrel Keep a Freehold.





Abandoned or lost at birth this man knows not. He has a life he created for himself. Mogur entered a monastery at a young age and through self-determination and hope, he has set out to find his family. His only clue to his heritage is a ring worn on a necklace since he could remember. He now sets foot in a strange land, to find his lost roots and rejoin a family he has never known.

Affiliated Groups

Mogur is a member of the Evil French
The Seraphim fighting company
Seraphim Heraldry.jpg

Belted Line

Name is Currently Squired/Man-At Arms/Page to Title Name

Notable Accomplishments

Master Barbarian

Hydra #3 Lion #3 Owl #2 Rose #5 Warrior #3 Smith #2


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