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Count Squire Mortyn, of Storm Grove, Emerald Hills

"Sleep is for the dead."

"I’d like to have the matching set." - said Lord Mortyn, when he conquered both the Griffin and the Basilisk.


One of the founding members of The Grim Garrison, now part of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds / Grand Duchy of Ebonmarch.

Moved to the shire of Storm Grove within the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills, where he served as Sheriff.

Served as Guildmaster of Reeves of the Emerald Hills during Winter 2018 reign.

Served as Regent of the Emerald Hills during Summer 2018 reign.

Affiliated Groups

House Ravencroft since 2017.

Green Dragons since 2018.

Trash Pandas since 2018

Belted Family

Mortyn is of two beltlines. One being with Sir Alby, the other as a Squire to Sir Smiley.

Was made a Squire to Sir Smiley in Winter 2018 Smiley's Beltline:


Was made Man at Arms to Sir Alby Kazan in Summer 2017. Albys beltline:

Notable Accomplishments

Was awarded the Title of Lord September 2017

Was awarded the Title of Count March 2019

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