Mountain of the Sixth Dawn

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The Shire of Mountain of the Sixth Dawn, in the Kingdom of Rising Winds



Park Awards

Order of the Flame

<Given by King Nim'Ruin of Crystal Groves, July 2016>


Sheriff: Milk

Regent: Reignbow Bright

Prime Minister: Neon Von'Wolf

Champion: Ommojob

Reign Schedule / Calendar of Events



Meet our current and former members!

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Our Park



2879 Fairlawn Ave, Dunbar, WV 25064

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="38.37934" lon="-81.760109" zoom="18"> 38.378636, -81.760707 38.379987, -81.760683 </googlemap>

Our primary park day is Sunday at 2:00pm

Meeting spots within the park may vary depending on how busy the park is.

Directions to our park:

(TRAVELERS FROM NORTH, SOUTH OR EAST of WV or arriving via Yeager Airport) From Charleston, WV travel west bound on I 64 to EXIT 53 DUNBAR. Take a right off the exit and then take the next right onto Fairlawn Ave. Shawnee park will be on the left in about 1.5 miles.

(TRAVELERS FROM WEST of WV) From Huntington, WV travel east bound on I-64 take EXIT 50 INSTITUTE. Take a left on Fairlawn Ave. Shawnee park will be on the right in roughly 1 mile.


For more information find us on Facebook

July 2016 Summer Mid-Reign / SEIGE ON GRAYSKULL



Please click the link below to see a first person video from this event!


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