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Baron Squire Alexander Murdoc of Astral Winds, Kingdom of Dragonspine

"..." - Murdoc's trademark silence


Murdoc joined Astral Winds in March 2003 when the land was still a Barony. Serving as Champion, Regent, GM:R and Monarch he has since that time seen the group grow into a Duchy.

Murdoc attended Rakis in 2004, hosted by the Kingdom of Iron Mountains.

Murdoc attended Spring War in 2008 and was thankful to have survived the ditch field.

His colors are maroon and black.

Affiliated Groups

Astral Winds

Belted Family

Murdoc was made a squire to Duke Sir GoldCrest in August 2007, having been GoldCrest's Man-at-Arms previous to this.

Murdoc has one Man-at-Arms: Vladimir Reese

Notable Accomplishments

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