Myrddin Wylt

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Baron Myrddin Wylt of Eagleshire, Emerald Hills

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One of the key figures of Silverwater when it was at its peak. He started playing as "Shabejaegar" (i think it means "roach hunter") but changed it to Myrrdin soon afterwards, and often used a celtic persona theme. He joined Patashar's company Raven's Blood, then in the aftermath of its collapse when Patashar left he founded The Wyld Hunt, which was ironically the same name as a completely unrelated group in Dragon's Keep. He built this group into the dominant company in Silverwater, exceeding over 20 members in that park alone. He ran for office several times, culminating in consecutive terms as Duke when the park was at its peak in 1997-1998. His wife is Berenike Cheron, who also was often in office in Silverwater as well. Eventually went inactive for various reasons. He has since resurfaced in Eagleshire.

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