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Lord Man-at-Arms Arminius the Blind of Knights Rest in the Kingdom of Tal Dagore



Started Amtgard in 2008. He was a founder of the shire Black Ember Fortress played in Tal Dagore from 2006-2012 and for a short while, was a player of the Dragon's Tale in the Kingdom of the Rising Winds Then returning to Tal Dagore. He at one time was a member of Peregrine Guard but dropped from the company and later joining the Saracens where he achieve the company rank of Mamaluk. In January of 2014, he left the Saracens and joined the fighting company Black Heaven which he is a member of still to this day.

Belted Family

Group Affiliations

Notable Accomplishments

  • Lord granted by King Kain of Burning Lands.
  • Paragon Assassin
  • Founder of Black Ember Fortress.
  • First Prime Minister of Black Ember Fortress.
  • Served one term as Baron of the Barony of Black Ember Fortress.
  • Served as Pro-Tem Regent of Black Ember Fortress 2/2010-6/2010.

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