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Necavi D. Omnes | Caveat


Necavi D. Omnes | Caveat
Home Park Eagleshire
Kingdom Emerald Hills
Year Started 2010
Noble Title None in Amtgard
Belt Status None in Amtgard

A cross-game player that started in Dagorhir in Oklahoma in 2005. Necavi, also known in Amtgard as Caveat started playing Amtgard off and on around 2010 at Spring War with friends from the XIII, and then visiting Morningwood Glen and Eagleshire. Necavi still mostly plays Dagorhir and Belegarth at Dragonreach in Crowley, Texas.

Necavi is a member of the Cohors Praetoria XIII (or Praetorians XIII) Fighting Company.

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