Nelle Silver Sun

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Baroness Squire Nelle SilverSun

”Silence is Golden, but gold is not my color”

At GE6, with Juicy


An active member in the Shire of Feanga until evil Randy showed her the rule book and explained that they were not playing by the rules. Unable to convince Feanga to play by the rules she choose to build a new group along with evil Randy, Taly, and Melinda Silver Sun.

Instramental in Silver Sun joining the Crystalline Confederacy Nelle was also able to become the Duchess. After several successful reigns, Nelle decided to spread her wings and head to New York. She is now rumored to be in San Antonio.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Squired to Sir Pollux

Notable Accomplishments

  • She may or may not have changed her name to Abiliegh Cross for nominally flurby reasons.

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