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Sir Neobrood Cassius, of The River's End, DW

”New plan, Stop Sucking!”
”New, new plan: Stop Dieing”
”Damn,Dirty,Deceitful Goblins!”

" Clip Your Threads!"
"I prefer Bitchicus"


Affiliated Groups

Star Questing Dragons- Captain
Wu Tang
GSE-Hauptman(2nd in command)

Belted Family

Prior to joining the peerage,as a Knight of the Crown, Neobrood was squired to Sir Loptr who, before joining the peerage as a knight of the Crown was Squired to Sir Kezgar who some how manages to make Loptr look small. Kezgar, before he became a Knight of the Sword was Squire to Sir Lief, Who was Squired to Sir Auromax, Who was Squired to Sir Thorn Crossbearer.
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Notable Accomplishments

Known as "Breeder" from Loptr.
Led the G.S.E. to victory over the GLF Scum at DBW VIII, after his commander was killed in battle.

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