Nettle (Polaris)

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Current Park Ethereal Tides
Kingdom Polaris
Year Started 2021
Belt Status Squire to Dame Mittens
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Squire Nettle, of Ethereal Tides, in the Kingdom of Polaris


Nettle came into Amtgard in August 2021, on eager recommendation by Nike (KoP) and Balder Highwind, whom she was living with at the time. Nettle's first event was GAC 2021, and from then on she was invested in the game and began to attend park with Ethereal Tides on a regular basis. She became Regent in Spring 2022 and is currently Ethereal Tide's Regent.

Nettle primarily focuses in the Flame and Serpent categories of Amtgard life and award standards, often seen working on a project or offering to help out at many events. In doing so, she drew the attention of many amazing and talented people in the kingdom and has been belted under Dame Mittens since May of 2022 to continue her work.

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Fun Facts

  • Her heraldry was created by a lovely member of the Tiger Clan North Abir NFTY.

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