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The History of the Kingdom of Neverwinter

How it all started

Several parks formed independently of each other in Florida in the 90s, including two primary poles as it were, Silverwater (BL) in Lake Worth, FL and Falling Fire (VSR, initially) in Brandon, FL. Dragon's Keep (DS) was the next group to form in the area, in Valdosta GA. From several other groups formed as satellites of these groups.

in a meeting at Dragon's Rage II, the various groups (except Dragon's Keep) formed a union called the Southeastern Alliance or SEA, to push for a kingdom in Florida. Dragon's Keep chose to not be a part at that time.

Silverwater had close ties with the Burning Lands whose Board of Directors controlled the game at the time, and they had initially encouraged for Silverwater to push towards kingdom status. By around 1997, Silverwater was averaging weekly attendance of around 80, so this was not that far fetched. There was also a considerable rivalry growing between Silverwater and Falling Fire (which had changed to Mystic Seas and then Wetlands as the Rogue Company started making inroads via Emerald Coast. Darkwater East tried to play peacemaker between some of the more vocal factions of each group.

in 1999 an event was held called Winter War (no relation to the later event of the same name elsewhere), which was attended by King Ahira of the Burning Lands, the first time a visiting monarch had travelled to Florida. At this event he encouraged all the groups to work together towards being a Floating Crown kingdom. We voted on a new name that would be neutral, with "Neverwinter" beating out "Atlantis", and a kingdom device of an orange phoenix on a yellow sun with a blue background. Some of the other design proposals dolphins and palm trees.

With all the groups now aligned, all the groups collected their sign-ins and worked on rules clarifications and a corpora at a series of monarch's retreats (the so-called Iron Monarch and Plush Monarch) orgainized by Kitirat and Bjorn, respectively. We got a corpora written. We got all the other paperwork in order, and at the Gathering of the Clans in 1999 we made our presentation before the Circle of Monarchs. During this presentation, mid-day a nearby Wardancer grill exploded in flames and required emergency action to prevent the fire from spreading. The following day, Queen Kat of the Burning Lands announced the CoM's approval and elevated Neverwinter to Kingdom Status (only she accidentally said "Nevermore"). Roger was appointed Legate until elections could be held for the first king. Toda was the first Prime Minister. In the first kingdom election, Tonbo was voted our first king, which by BL designation made Silverwater the kingdom "seat" (it has since been moved). Auwyne won the first champion's tourney. Tonbo was crowned at our winter coronation an event that was attended by a fair amount of people from other parts of the amtworld.

and the rest went from there....

Some parts are simplified and glossed over, just trying to get the basics down...

Key people

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