Neverwinter Winter War

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Silverwater hosted an event called "Winter War" which predates the other event named Winter War.

The event was held in January of 1999, and was held at the Everglades Youth Camp. Site site had cabins and a neat little island connected by a rickety wooden bridge, this island is where the main campfire area was located.

The autocrat for the event was Ahriman ibn Ahrman.

Many other groups from Florida were in attendance. Also attending was the King of the Burning Lands, Ahira Bandylegs along with Nikos and one other Burning Lander whose name eludes me. For some reason they chose to fly into Tampa and drive across the state on back roads, and were delayed by an orange truck accident spilling oranges all over the road.

While at the event, Ahira knighted Tonbo Knight of the Flame, the first knighting to occur in Florida.

Also notable was that Ahira encouraged the florida groups to form a Floating Crown kingdom, rather than trying to set up a static crown kingdom around one park. This was contrary to what most had expected the Burning Lands to recommend, and thus helped pave the way for this to happen.

While it was intended for this to become a recurring event, the site management changed and was not open to hosting an amtgard event, and it never came to pass. Not too long after the other Winter War started up, and took over the name.