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Baronet Page Nevin "The Scorpion" Aracnadas, of Iron Springs under the Principality of Winter's Edge, NW

Nevin Aracnadas
Nevin in battle.
Chapter Iron Springs
Principality Winter's Edge
Kingdom Neverwinter
Started Spring 2010
Noble Title Baronet
Officer Status Sheriff of Iron Springs
Belted Status Page
Belted Under Lord Pahyum
Contact Information
Phone 770-880-4162

”Do I have enough arrows strapped to my ass?”


Nevin started in Iron Springs in early 2010. He trained under Pahyum to become chancellor of Iron Springs and later Supreme Chancellor of Winter's Edge. He plays as an Archer or a Wizard depending on his mood.

His greatest accomplishments include: Killing Subway by annoying him to death, being shot in the face twice in less than 10 seconds by Sir Gilan and living to tell the tale, and causing Pahyum to pull his hair out in frustration.

He is also known for wearing a kilt and being painted blue at least once every summer, to portray his not-so-Scottish heritage.

He tends to get himself captured by monsters, and yet some how tends to profit from it. We aren't entirely sure how that works.

He carries Advil in his spell bag and belt pouches if anyone ever needs it.

Affiliated Groups


Brother Fallen Sun of the Temple of Dusk

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Chancellor of Iron Springs

Supreme Chancellor of Winter's Edge

Sheriff of Iron Springs


Baronet - Awarded by King Zoltan of Neverwinter, March 2012

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