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Baron Squire Niveus, Esquire, Duchy of Crimson Wood, Kingdom of Westmarch


Niveus's Heraldry
Home Park Crimson Wood
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 2003
Noble Title Baron
Belt Status Squire to Countess Sir Nakita

"Oh please. You enjoy giving out TMI. You're like the Santa Claus of risque conversation and flirting." - Nyami
"'Blatant subtlety?' That's kind of an oxymoron. I think 'overt innuendo' is probably more accurate." -Miles


Niveus has been at Crimson Wood for what is possibly far too long, nearly rivaling oldbies such as Blackthorn and Bill the Nun. A jovial presence all the same, his contributions to the group are varied, and at times, pleasantly puzzling. Niveus makes the most of the proximity of his home to the park where Crimson Wood meets.
This is not to say, however, that Amtgard is a mere convenience to this singular individual. On the contrary--Niveus and his wife Carmen have opened their home to Crimson Wood denizens on many occasions, for everything from A&S nights to D&D games. Their home features a rotating selection of awesomely-nerdular roommates, many of whom have played Amtgard for varying lengths of time (including, previously, Mannanan and Rafael).
Niveus' zany ideas also often add flavor to Crimson Wood events; it was his idea to make Crimson Wood's Mid-reign in 2007 a pirate-themed event, which included simulated crow's-nest fighting, knot-tying, and a "ship battle" taking place on a tennis court. It may well have been the best mid-reign event Crimson Wood has ever had--and almost certainly the most memorable, for those who were there.

For reasons generally not specified, Niveus has reportedly been seen wearing a stuffed tail on the field on numerous occasions--even when not playing a Monster. His response when asked what it is has generally been "It's my tail;" speculation persists as to its true nature.

Niveus has also procured two hounds of war! Rosie and Blu, two black Labrador retrievers, are yet pups, but have been sighted on the field and will certainly be present in the future. Pictures will eventually follow, for the edification of the Amt-world's puppy appreciators.

In addition, Niveus does a rather considerable amount of traveling, which is unusual for a denizen of Crimson Wood. However, much of this is to groups outside of Amtgard--making him something of an ambassador for the cause to the unenlightened, unwashed masses.


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