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A Chapter of Polaris located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.




Located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, North Haven emphasizes the A&S portion of Amtgard and was founded in June 2002. In 2005, North Haven merged with the infamous Shadow's Home. North Haven was named so because it was geographically located north of Haven. In 2007 North Haven recieved status of Barony. In 2008 North Haven ceeded from the Empire of the Iron Mountains, joining the Kingdom of the Rising Winds. In 2016 North Haven lost the status of Barony. In 2017 North Haven left the Kingdom of the Rising Winds to become a Freehold. At 9:30pm, August 10th, 2017 North Haven officially was accepted into Polaris.

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Gathering of Shadows


North Haven meets every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm. During the warmer months they meet at Lake Ellyn Park, at 645 Lenox Road

During the colder months, they meet at Joe's Dojo in Villa Park, 341 S Ardmore Ave Ste 1, Villa Park, IL 60181

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