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Odinish, of Dark Shores, Iron Mountains



Started playing in the summer of 2010 after being draged out by his Friends Akuma and Quagmire. Fell in love with the game and charged in head first from the start. His first day out he began intense training with Akuma.

The story- "Last Sunday you had fun. Lots of fun. This week- we start your single short sword traning. Here's your weapon." "Thanks! What are you going to be using to teach me?" Akuma grins. "Two long swords, DEFEND YOURSELF!"

Odinish last day at Amtgard was during dark Shores 6th reign Weaponmaster/ DragonMaster. He has shipped out for military training. "You were the best Champion I could ever ask for. You did your job, you kicked ass, and you were never disapointed in anything and kept your head up even in utter defeat. You will be missed, brother in arms." -Akuma's last words to Odinish.

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Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Not once did he get nut shoted, when playing in Darkshores.

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