Ol' Man Ganyo

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Baronet Yosei no Kasu "Old Man", of Land's End

”It's a WAR fan”

”It's Ooold man” - McNikles

Marstone: "I love you dad"

Old man: "I like you too, son"


  • Old Man healing up the kid at Curse of the Great Pumpkin, 2011.


He joined in spring of 2011, being pulled into the game by his son, Marstone. Kasu has been pivotal in the upkeep and progress of Land's End on and off the field. Caretaker of Land's End Ephemera. Also suspected of being a lich and extending his lich powers towards weapons of unusual lifespan.

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Notable Accomplishments

Became Champion in his 6 months of playing

  • Noble title of Lord given by Asako Tsani, Prince of Rivermoor February 2014
  • Noble title of Baronet given by Kite, Winter 2017

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