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A color.

  1. A Gold Sash marks a player as a Reeve
  2. A Gold Strip means things that cannot be affected or touched. Sometimes worn by pages picking up spent equipment.
  3. In Medieval Europe yellow or Gold was thought to signify Generosity.

In heraldry, or (from the French word for gold) is the tincture of gold, and belongs to the class of light tinctures, called "metals". In engravings and line drawings, it may be represented using a pattern of dots. It is very frequently depicted as yellow, though gold leaf was used in many illuminated manuscripts and more extravagant rolls of arms.

The word gold is occasionally used in place of Or in blazon, sometimes to prevent repetition of the word Or in a blazon, or because this substitution was in fashion when the blazon was first written down, or is preferred by the officer of arms.

Or is frequently spelt with a capital letter (e.g. Gules, a fess Or) so as not to confuse it with the conjunction or.

  • Or is said to represent the following:
    • Of jewels, the topaz
    • Of heavenly bodies, the Sun
    • Of metals, gold
    • Of virtues, courage and honor