Osgiliath Bramhall

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Overlord Osgiliath Bramhall the Drunk, Everliving Woods of Winter's Edge

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  • Nothing makes you run faster, then when you're playing a Wizard and a Barbarian comes charging after you! Just a M@a running from his own page. -Oz
  • "Obscura is a better wizard than I am." A truthful saying from Oz


Osgiliath Bramhall the Drunk (or Oz) is a fun loving giant. Oz has been in the game since august 2016. After one day at the park, he started the long road of park leadership, starting in the role of Champion. At the time Oz arrived to the Everliving Woods(ELW), the park was still very young. Under the direction and leadership of Jelly LaSqueeze, the park established and started to grow. With the amount of growth the park was seeing, it became necessary to find a new place to lay down roots that would accommodate the size requirements. Oz found a new park at McCallum Park in Vestavia, AL and set up a contract agreement with the Parks and Recs dept. Oz has since that date helped by devoting is his time, love and passion for the game to help others reach the same level of passion.

Oz is currently seeking to achieve a few personal goals:

    • Achieve Paragon Wizard- 2/20 Update: Has 2 sponsors and has started down the road of Paragon
    • Get elected and become a kingdom officer to devote time to help the kingdom grow
    • Join the Winters Edge Board of Directors
    • Autocrat another kingdom level event
    • Put more work in as Medicrat at events
    • See ELW become a Duchy
    • Get a streak over 5 at a Kingdom Tournament
    • Make a contribution to Amtgard that is game changing
The personal heraldry of Oz, developed in 2018

Class Levels

Created by Z. Ombie of Radiant Valley For Oz as a present while they were both Barons together! "Barony Sisters fo' Life"
  • 6th Level Monk, Iron Monk of the Yellow Rose
  • 6th Level Bard, The Longwinded
  • 6th Level Wizard, The Wizard of Oz
  • 6th Level Druid, The Tree Hugger
  • 5th Level Barbarian, The Ogre Ragger

Affiliated Groups

Oz joined "The Revolting" Fighting Company in 2018-Photo by Ferrous the Hallowed
  • The Revolting A RP house/fighting company filled with goblins, orcs and a large orge. Becoming "Kings Guard" in 2018 for Walberan, The minotaur king!
  • Green Lantern Corp. Promoted to Full Lantern in May,2019- A service house with the sole purpose on helping out with ANYTHING needed to be helped out with.
  • Bardic College of Winter's Edge Administrative Dean- The Bardic College is a collection of patrons, performers, musicians, and researchers who are united in the promotion of the non-competitive performing arts within the Kingdom of Winter's Edge.

Service Positions

Oz was invited to be a guest on WAK(Warlords and Knights) Podcast in 2020. "It was an honor and was extremely fun to cut up with those guys!" -Photo created by Vidalia

Notable Accomplishments

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Belted Family

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Man at armed to Squire Bunch the drunk, squired to Alona Twotrees under the Tul beltline Dame Linden (Flame 2005), (Crown 2007), (Serpent 2010)

Damn Alona Twotrees (Flame 2012)

Dame Roslyn (Serpent 2015)

Ser Petra (Flame, 2017)

Sir Corwyn Lindenson (Serpent) 2022