Oso Bearington

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Squire Diamyo Oso Bearington, Archdruid of Silver Moon, Blackspire

"Ruiner of dreams" -Sir Randall Andalsa



Lord Oso is a Paragon Druid from the the Barony of Silvermoon. He is a member of the Harbinger fighting company and Squire to Sir Enoch in the Kirkpatrick belt line.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Baron of Silvermoon,Winter 2014

Regent of Silvermoon, Summer 2015

Guildmaster of Druids of the Kingdom of Blackspire 2014-current,

Captain of the Crown Guard of the Kingdom of Blackspire 2014-2015,

Paragon Druid 2015,

Guildmaster of Reeves of the Kingdom of Blackspire Winter 2015,

Champion of Blackspire spring 2016,

Lord granted by King Ceian at the beginning of the Spring 2016 reign for outstanding contributions as GMR and continued enthusiasm for the game in the role of Kingdom Champion.

GMR of Blackspire winter 2016

More Information

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