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Lord Polearm Guy, Wavehaven Dragonspine



Amtgarder from Wavehaven who has earned a negative reputation gamewide, primarily through posting as PAG. His posts range from quasi-legitimate questions to downright crude troll posts.

At one point Meggido took him up on the offer of one of his knife creations. PAG has yet to provide it, and among many on ESam "Where is Meggido's knife?" (in any choice of language you prefer) is the only response they will make to a PAG comment. Others prefer to respond only with "** crickets **".

In September 2008 PAG was been banned from his home park of Wavehaven for one year.

Darkshore Debacle

E-Sam once took up a collection to fly Clalibus from Texas to Darkshore for a beat-down. After the tickets were purchased, Wavehaven's monarchy banned PAG from the Darkshore event upon concerns that an incident harmful to the game or the 2 parties involved might ensure:

I tried to leave all this alone but you all keep pushing so here it is! If any of you disagree with the reasoning on this that's your right but I feel enough time has been spent on this and the correct decision was made.

Banning someone is never EASY , I personally have lost most of two nights sleep over this.

On Saturday Pag was fighting way more aggressively than normal, delivering several head shots that seemed intentional and was heard to say something to the effect that he would pommel Sir Clalibus to the Ground, and with bone crushing force and his barely legal weapon bust Clalibus' head open.

Whether he can or will is beside the point, when someone makes a threat like that people in charge of the safety of the masses of the club have to act. Either PAG would be successful and we would all say, shoot we had the chance to stop this. Or he won't.

I have yet to see Pag emphatically state he will not do harm instead he begs Clalibus to meet him somewhere.

I am making the decision to not hand him my blessing to attempt to harm an Amtgardian. It is my opinion that he presents an extreme safety hazard.

Pag is Banned for 2 weeks as per the monarchy of Wavehaven's decision and By my authority as Prince of Westmarch.

Sir Euric Bloodstone

Other Issues

PAG has started E-Sam threads referencing his love of murder and his desire to commit said act. Allegedly the local authorities were notified of his extensive diatribe on his love of the act.

In addition, players should be aware that PAG commited fraud publicly by taking payment for a knife, ordered by Megiddo, and refused to provide the product or a refund of Megiddo's money. Others should be wary when entering into any trade or business with this player.

Affiliated Groups

Noteable accomplishments.

In Spring of 2007, inducted into the Amtgard Online Hall of Shame. He was by far the top vote getter.