Papa Greystoke

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Edited reprint of a brief character profile.

Sergeant Papa Greystoke of Frostlands Polaris

  • Class: Peasant/Tactician
  • Motivation: To turn this skilled, but disjointed, gathering known as Frostlands into a cohesive fighting force with the purpose of freeing the *Greystoke lands, defending against raiding armies, and the creation of another mighty kingdom.

Quote: There are many. I'll try to edit them to a few.

"We shall occupy the wooded by force of arms!"

"You guys! Look like F@#$%* shit!“

"Don't take that hit. I'm dead already."


Sergeant Papa Greystoke once served under King George Greystoke (The Brave). Our lands, under his leadership were once a mighty Kingdom. After the death of King George and the fall in the Eastern Marshlands of King Ian Greystoke, the kingdom imploded. What remains is the overrun areas of the Greystoke lands and the mostly secure area known as the Greystoke mansion. The Greystokes eeked out a peasant's existence until Julian and Chpek brought the Frostlands home with them.

Papa is past his prime and has no illusions about his battle prowess. He chooses to interpret his Christian faith as to lead by serving and chooses the lowest of all fighting classes. Papa has also, recently, taken up Bardic to entertain the troops around the camp fire, like in the days of old. The secret plan is; all would sooner suffer a heroes death than suffer yet another of Papa's Bardic performances. Oops. I wasn't supposed to tell you that.