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Man-At-Arms Persaeus, of the Valley of the Forgotten Giants in the Kingdom of the Rising Winds

”I could just tell by the look in his eyes, he was focused.” - By Asche about Persaeus


Persaeus came to the Kingdom from the far off village of the Valley of the Forgotten Giants. It was Bridge Wars 2012, when Margrave Asche Palantir spotted Persaeus out of a small group of pick ups. Persaeus was invited to join the Temple of the Vanguard, which being new to Amtgard, he first sought the guidance of his park Monarch. Persaeus then joined the Temple as a Sentinel of the Dark.

Persaeus is known for his wooden shield that is always strapped across his back, and his speed as the Temple of the Vanguard's quick during Super Jugging at Keep on the Borderlands 2014.

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