Peter (Blackspire)

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Loooorrrrrrd Squire Peter, of Mithril Hills within the Northern Lights, Kingdom of Blackspire

”Most Amtgard people are not real people”



Lord Peter hate you, personally.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Squired to Sir Tigerspaw

Notable Accomplishments


Loooorrrrrrd - Given by Queen Aristiri (VSR) in January 2001

Master Barbarian - Given by King Sir Downfall (MS) in March 2002

Captain Flamewar - Given by Baron Squire Darrian (MH) in July 2006


Pro-Tem Baronial Chancellor of Mithril Hills, August 2000 - December 2000

Baronial Chancellor of Mithril Hills, January 2001 - June 2001

Baronial Chancellor of Mithril Hills, July 2001 - September 2001

Baron of Mithril Hills, October 2001 - December 2001

Prime Minister of V.S.R, July 2004 - January 2004

Champion of Mithril Hills, October 2005 - April 2005

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