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Warlord Sir Social Justice Warlord, Willift Brotler Tates, Lord Swoldemort, Liftmaster of Gains, Tuber of Terror, of Ruby Hills, Kingdom of Crystal Groves

"Don't be scared of me, I'm all beach muscle and fluff." -Potato
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Warlord Potato
Home Park Ambient Forest
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Year Started 2001
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status Knight of the Sword

"You're lats are lagging." -Literally everyone
"You weren't hugged enough as a child, were you?" -Juju
"He has an honor system that is unlike anyone I know. I love him like a brother; He's a little shorter though"-Tosc
"Asserting and no doubt believing "I can out-twerk anybody" is why Tato is a warlord and y'all are not."-Randall


Potato started playing at Twin Lakes in 2001. He founded Ambient Forest out of his backyard, in Somerset, Pennsylvania with his friends from high school. He became a member of Crystal Groves in 2006 due to some drama. In 2010, he moved to Texas, and was a member of Eagleshire for a year and a half. In 2011, he moved back to his kingdom and became a member of Ambient Forest once again.

Potato was once a member of Argent Helm before the American contingent of the company left for myriad reasons. He then founded Tower with Justice Dartania and Zoltan. When he moved to Texas, he left the company to let them pursue their own direction, and he joined the Green Dragons for a short stint that bored him to tears before he found a place among the Rogues, then left to found Asura.

He has won tournaments in four kingdoms.

Belted line

Brennon Viridian (Sword)

Tato's biceps are Man-at-Arms to Itsari.

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