Pre History of West March

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Prehistoric Officers

One of the oddities of the WM corpora is that only physical locations actually have Champions. As such, there is no Principality-level chump, nor will there be one for the Kingdom when that happy day arrives.

This "cart before the horse" situation has been commented on by King Randall. He would rather see them form their Principality and then go about Principality business.

Player Quotes on the Pre History of Wetsmarch

"This is true Wavehaven, Wyvern's Spur, Falcon's Reach, Seven Sleeping Dragons, and Crimson Wood will all be forming Westmarch. Ashen Spire will most likely join after they sign paper work with BL to become an amtgard land. Dame Ailanthus is heading this project at this time if you would like more info. She has a profile on under her name if you wish to contact her."-Hannibal Finvarra

"It'll be a while before we're a kingdom. The grouping is closer to how the IM handles things. There is a group of core lands that can't be more than 250 miles from the center of Berkeley, CA that make up the main body of the principality. Those group's members have the ability to run for principality office and vote in principality wide elections.

All other groups signed under westmarch would function more like any land currently signed under a static crown kingdom. While they wouldn't be eligible to vote in Westmarch's elections/althings, they would still have the ability to provide input on how things are run and suggest improvements (especially if suggestions would have an impact on their land at a local level)."-Grix

This is the 3rd real attempt at getting the lands to band together. The first was before I started playing amtgard and consisted of a meeting that was scheduled between Wavehaven and Crystalline Confederacy. I'm told CC didn't show. After that, the issue was brought up again and again over the years as more groups popped up in northern CA.

The second attempt was between Wavehaven, Crimson Wood and Wyvern's Spur. That time we got as far almost finishing a corpora before the effort died out because a lot of the amtgarders in the area lost interest and we had problems agreeing on a few basics.

This time around, we've taken the corpora that we wrote the first time and elected 2 representatives from each of the interested northern CA lands (at the time this process was started, that included all 5 northern CA lands) to go over it together and rework it into something we could all get behind. After many meetings in person and over the phone, we're almost done.

At this point, a few things need to happen before Westmarch is formed. Dragonspine needs to approve our Corpora. The 5 founding lands of Westmarch need to each vote to either accept the corpora that we've all worked on and join Westmarch or to stay independent. Westmarch needs to submit a proposal to Dragonspine detailing the status of all the lands that agree to form Westmarch. Once Dragonspine accepts us, we'll elect monarchy.

It's been a long process for most of us and we're finally going to make it happen this time.-Grix

This is the discussion about the creation of the group of Westmarch and some of the things done to facilitate it.'

The California groups have tried more than once to put together a confederacy strong enough to reach kingdom status. For a variety of reasons this has not yet come to pass. There is talk of a new effort toward kingdom status in Northern California under the name Westmarch.

The Dragonspine BOD unanimously accepted the WM corpora on Monday July 09, 2007. This was the second time the WM corpora had been submitted for approval. The original corpora was written up as a full kingdom corpora with the understanding that only the principality-level sections and below were actively used until WM actually became a kingdom. The DSBOD felt that the kingdom-level rules should be removed, so they were moved to an appendix with the understanding that these rules would be moved back at the appropriate time. They also wanted changes to the way Guildmasters and Knights were created.

Once Westmarch has put together a formal request for Principality status, they will submit it to the DSBOD. Once it's approved (over however many iterations) Westmarch will become an official entity within Amtgard.

At an althing held Saturday June 8th, 2007, the voting populace of Siar Geata decided unanimously to join Westmarch as soon as it became official. An intermediate step in that process was to petition Dragonspine.

Crimson Wood has joined Westmarch.

Crimson Sanctum and Siar Geata are also sublands of Westmarch.

Original Bid

On September 29th 2007 King Randall Sent out this letter the Dragonspine list. It is here reprinted for posterity.

Unto the populace of Dragonspine and beyond,

The Dragonspine Board of Directors reviewed Westmarch's revised petition for principality status. Here are the minutes of our brief meeting:

- - - - -

September 29th, 2007

Present were Isaac Milner (President), Ben Glickler (Monarch), Steve Bencomo, Charles (Sain, last name misheard by Ben), Lisa Manguso (Prime Minister). Members of the populace were also in attendance.

Missing was Amy Glickler (Vice President)

Meeting called to order by Isaac at 1:15pm.

1. Westmarch

Isaac recounted Westmarch's revised petition to the board. The Board agreed that Westmarch had provided more complete information and had demonstrated its ability to continue to conduct internal audits. Steve noted that he recognized that Westmarch had some problems, but preferred that Westmarch be given autonomy so they can address the problems themselves. Other members of the Board added discussion in favor of approving Westmarch.

Lisa asked what would happen if a Westmarch land wanted to leave Westmarch but remain part of Dragonspine. Ben commented that this might be something for later discussion, but that he generally felt all California lands in Dragonspine should be Westmarch for administrative purposes unless Westmarch does not want them. Ben noted that allowing or encouraging lands to be Dragonspine without also being Westmarch could encourage factions to splinter the principality. All Board members agreed to re-examine the issue.

Motion by Lisa to approve Westmarch's petition and send it to an Althing, seconded by Ben. Passed 5-0.

Motion to adjourn by Ben at approximately 1:25pm, seconded by Lisa. Passed 5-0.

- - - - -

An Althing was then held. Several people paid dues last week and did not show up for the elections, and Dragonspine was thus barely short on a quorum. This was waived by joint decree by me and Emer, and the Althing proceeded. The populace was told what the DSBOD had discussed and decided, and then a vote was held. Westmarch was unanimously approved.

To the people of the Principality of Westmarch, and to Princess Ailanthus, I bid you welcome!

This means that the Duchy of Crimson Wood is also accepted as a Dragonspine and Westmarch land. The populace was informed that this would occur if they voted yes. Yes, that says duchy. Congratulations!

I then called Grix and Elspeth to relay the news.

So congratulations once more.

King Randall /XX\