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Spectre Sx. Promethea "Dylan" Kintsugi, First!!1! Canadian, of Iron Mountains Duchy, Iron Mountains.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

"Do we have any additional questions that aren't droplet related?"

Promethea's Heraldry

Promethea and Grix at KWW 2019


Originally known as Shalingh.

The Rising Star Tarot

Promethea and Glyn are making a tarot deck out of Amtgarders from Goldenvale because they like crazy projects. The Facebook page for the deck can now be found here!


  • Alex loves butts.
  • She made dis.
  • Kintsugi.

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Favourite Accomplishments

  • Granted the non-noble title of First!!1! Canadian by the Barony of Empire's Grove in November 2014 for being the first Canadian to visit the NYC park.
  • Granted the non-noble title of Artisan by Prince Ce'dar of The Nine Blades in April 2012 for winning Imperial Dragonmaster.
  • Given a firm handshake in lieu of awardable efforts by Baron Elm of Twilight Peak in March 2012.
  • Is not Grix's favourite; instead she is his favourite wife, which is mostly the same thing.

Affiliated Groups

Fancy Positions

Less Fancy Positions


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