Pyro Flamespitter

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Sir Pyro Flamespitter, of Green Wood Keep, Defender of Northreach

"Steel forges Steel."

"We make ourselves better, by making other better."

"Be the match of inspiration, to light the bonfire of greatness in someone."


Pyro joined Amtgard in Fairbanks, Alaska Astral Winds in June 2001. His colors are Green and Black. He was with Astral Winds till February 2007. He earned the titles of Master (Paragon) Warrior, Land Deed, Lord, and Defender. Has attended Gathering of the Clans, Piratical Sabbatical 2 in Texas, and Rackis in Colorado.

He is currently away from Astral Winds serving on active duty in the United States Army.(February 2007 to current)

Pyro arrived at now defunct park of Dragons Cross in Charlotte, North Catalina. From 2007 to 2010. Sent on a mission by his knight to find and defeat a Dread Pirate on the East Coast. While there he attended Great Eastern and Feast of Fools events in the Kingdom of Goldenvale.

Pyro having completed his quest grew home sick and ventured back North to Alaska. With the help of new friend made in House Wolf and old ones from Astral Winds. They Founded the now Duchy of Lupine Moon, the second park in Alaska. Where Pyro served as the first Sheriff. From September 2010 to September 2015. He attended Solstice Wars and Wolfs Cry Events. And earned the title of Solstice Warrior as well as land deed. During his presence he watch Alaska flourish into the Principality of Northreach. During this time he ventured down and visited the Barony of Wyverns Spur

2015 to 2017. Pyro was on the hunt for a Master Assassin Hakkim that murdered a member of the royal family and tracked him to the Kingdom of the Northern Lights. He was unable to capture the assassin and settled in Green Wood Keep. Where he made lasting friendships that live to this day. Pyro attended may events including NLCC’s, Rose Wood, Wolfs Cry, and North War.

2017 to 2019 a call went out too all able body warriors to train and raise an Army in Missouri. Pyro Answered the call and signed in at the Shire of Seven rivers Forge.

From 2019 to 2022 word had arrived that Assassin Hakkim had surfaced near a park in Texas. So Pyro ventured South to find the Murder. Arriving at the Shire of Murky Waters. He received Land deeds for his involvement with the defense of the land. While there Pyro Gave up his warrior ways and took on the noble oath of a Paladin. So devote in his Crusader path that he Earned his Paragon Paladin title. One of very few to earn this title before Knighthood. With the Burning passion of service in his heart. Pyro was Elevated to Knight of the Flame. Having attended Spring War two times. Soon after a vile Hag responsible for the murder of the children of the park Murky Watters escaped before being put to the blade. So Pyro ventured North after her.

2023 to present. Pyro arrived back in the Baroney of Green Wood Keep. As the last known location of the Hag was in that area.

Group Affiliations

Belted Family

Pyro was a Squire to Duke Sir GoldCrest and Dame Shelai

Enigma is Pyro's Man-at-Arms Inactive.

June Vesper is Pyro’s Man-at-Arms Inactive.

Grok the Rock is Pyro’s Squire.

Shrike is Pyro’s Man-at-Arms.

Notable Accomplishments

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