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The Mighty Quinn, of Nocturnis the Celestial Kingdom

"My pokemons, let me show you them"



Quinn is the eldest son of Linden and Clalibus. One day soon, he will kick your ass.

Affiliated Groups

Pomerantz Siblings

Belted famliy

Notable accomplishments

  • Quinn survived Linden's wrath after he tried to 'feed his brother a battery', a 'D cell' battery. 'Chango Says':(that Quinn was) "Just tryin to power the boy up, that's all, helpin out ya know."
  • He has lost his first to teeth and has a girlfriend named Naveh

Other images

Seen here with Christian Son of Sir GoldCrest and Dame Shelai, at Murky Waters Coronation
[1] [2]

Seen with Stewie Clioson at a CK Coronation], 11/04 [4] [5]