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RIHOD O'Doyle, of Falling Fire, Neverwinter


RIHOD O'doyle the drunken monk of Rising winds began playing when rising winds was a duchy in 2000. A Friend of Raziel of the shadows, one of the original Lyons Tomb 6, became a long known resident of Gryphon's Perch. He was the one of the founders of House O'doyle, helped re-open Lyon's Tomb with Tarkington Eravan, Kalig Nos, and Medeezian as an annex park to Gryphon's Perch, was a member of Vargr after the northern vargr/luminari split, later was a Member of the Dragon Houndz. Along with his brother Lancealittle O'Doyle was know as a prankster, nuisance, and all around fun guy to hang out with. RIHOD moved from the Rising Winds in 2010 and spent the next two years at the barony of Fallen Fire in Neverwinter, in 2012 he moved back but has remained inactive. Today RIHOD continues to foam fight in Belagarth and Dagorhir because in his opinion they are a hell of a lot more fun.

Affiliated Groups

  • House WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!,
  • House O'Doyle,
  • Vargr,
  • Dragon Houndz,
  • unofficial member of Viking Camp,
  • Lyon's Tomb,
  • Gryphon's Perch,
  • Fallen Fire

Belted Family

NONE has been and always remains anti-belt

Notable Accomplishments

I don't brag about what I contribute and strive to keep contributions out of public notice

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