Asinann "Ratt" Contemnophilius

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Lord Squire Asinann "Ratt" Thex of Mithril Hills within the Kingdom of Northern Lights

”3,2,1, hit things.”

"Stabbing people in the dick is the only joy I have left in life"


Notable accomplishments

GMR of Mithril Hills Sept 2010-Feb 2011, July 2013-Oct 2013

Baron of Mithril Hills Feb 2011-Sept 2011, Feb 2015-Sept 2015

Chancellor of Mithril Hills Dec 2012-May 2012, July 2017-Feb 2018

GMR of Northern Lights Oct 2013-Dec 2014

Master Wizard

Walker in the Middle

Still hates you.

Belted Family

Affiliated Groups