Raven Dracul

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Lord Squire Raven Dracul of Celestial Kingdom

"Wit without measure is man's greatest treasure" - Rowena Ravenclaw (JKRowling)

"C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la la guerre" - Pierre Bosquet 1854

"Don't talk to me about Naval tradition. It's nothing but rum, sodomy, and the lash" - Winston Churchill 1939

"Pour encourager les autres" (To enourage the others) - Voltaire 1757


Forged from the blistering heat of the deserts, strengthened by the bone numbing cold of the mountains, and tempered by the blood of his enemies Raven Dracul wandered the worlds of olde. Until finally coming to rest for a time in the lands of Mordengard. There he created his house and sent his people to learn of the world. A mere 7 years did he stay till the feel of the wander lust filled him once more and journeyed to a new land. Meeting the peoples of Tori-Mar and Avalon's Gate. And for a time struggling to build the lands of Ardath's Gate. But when at last the embers of his most recent lands cooled he found the path to his new home, lands known as Slaughter Creek. Here he learns and teaches as he can and begins his future striving for greater understanding. The wander lust has again taken this traveler to the lands of Talon Field where he now resides.

My introduction to all of this

Started the game in 1993 after a couple of months reading the handbook. Spent many hours in those days running away from the better fighters. And after 3 years of playing a first level assassin (Don't ask) I finally accepted the rank of 6th level assassin. Mostly it was a great way for me to live out the fun paper games I had been playing since I was 13. And of course meet some really great people. Since then the lulls between active and inactive have all been filled with Amtgard in some way.

Standards And Conduct

Being an Assassin people often see only enough of them to decide they are evil and nothing more. But being a Dracul demands greater honor than just showing your victim how silly they were to turn away from you. The blood of the unjust are all that fuels my drive. I kill only with honor and justice. Though the blood lust of eternal life does create some problems for this high minded view.


Hey every one wants to be a Knight right? I'm just determined to do it with chainmail...lol

Well I had a goal for my knighthood by the end of reign 37, but I fell a bit short. This alone will encourage me to assault reign 38 with a renewed vigor and focus. I will earn my place at the knights circle, and show them what I can do.

Primary classes

  • Assassin - Hey it's what I love to do.
  • Barbarian - Who wouldn't love to chew on their shields
  • Healer - It just means I get to hurt them again
  • Monster - Hello I'm a Dracul

Affiliated Groups

Direct Belted Line

--Joint Belt Line--

Notable Accomplishments

  • Founded House Dracul (1996)
  • Co-Founder Ardath's Gate (2006-2008)
  • Regent to Slaughter Creek (July-November 2008)
  • Received Lord's title May 2, 2009 (Reign 37)
  • Belted line received order of the Flame for services to the crown May 2, 2009 (Reign 37)
  • Guild Master of Assassin's position for CK (Reign 36,37,38)
  • Baron of Slaughter Creek May - November 2009
  • CK Regent Reign 40