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Lord Squire Raven the Muse, of Five Oaks the Kingdom of the Rising Winds


Raven started Amtgard in Texas, and after awhile of traveling different shires throughout Texas made his home at Demons Gorge in Irving Texas. After the first year of Demon's Gorge, Sometime in 1994 or the beginning part of 1995 Raven moved to Northern Indiana and started playing out of his back yard with local gaming friends. This developed into a Shire of Amtgard known as Synging Sands. After discovering that the newer rule books where online and available, as well as the contracts etc, SS became an actual park and later petitioned to join the then Duchy of the Rising Winds. During his time in the Duchy, Raven served in several high offices, and earned his Master Bard, and Lord titles. After some time of popularity and Growth, Synging Sands did not survive an attempted combination with a Shire known as Crusaders Cove. This lead to the ultimate downfall and ceding to RW, which had grown into a Kingdom. This along with personal issues led to Raven taking about a year off of most of Amtgard, except for RW event attendance. After this time Raven continued his Amtgard career by playing on occasion at Crusaders Cove now known as the Port of winters Knight and Thundering Rivers. Raven met his wife Velvet Du'fallen through Amtgard and moved down to the Ft Knox area to become a member of the Barony of Five Oaks. Raven is the formerRegent of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds.

Affiliated Groups

Raven is a member of the Mystic Falcons

Belted Family

Raven is Squire to Glavas Zorallo

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