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Roderick "Red Fox" Madra rua


Upon his years of travel in finding a home for himself, he wandered the silk road in search of self and place in the world. With many skills learned through his travels being in the military, story teller (D&D), nomad, caravan traveler, he discovered the group who were a part of at the time the shire of Ethereal Tides. Since then he grew and fought, one day providing his abilities from the military to be elected as the prime minister of the shire, co-founding the household of the lorekeepers of Alexandria, joining the company of the Dog Soldiers of CuChulainn as a petitioner. As time grew and the shire grew to become a barony, he found his home with Ethereal Tides and within the kingdom of Polaris.

With his co-founder Qadupae who he had met in his travels, and the many people he has taken into the household they look to inspire the Arts and Sciences. The household grew and is now reaching out to become a valued asset across to the kingdom of Polaris. With his pilgrimage as a pup to a Hound within the company he has taken on the role of a healer on the battlefield following the studies of the great hero CuChulainn utilizing his abilities to offer support to those who are not afraid to join the front lines of combat. (as of January 2018)

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Lord of Lorekeepers of Alexandria
Prime Minister

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