Red Lesonette

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Red Lesonette, of the Duchy of Crystal Groves, Kingdom of Crystal Groves

"GG" "I am not a jew"


Red started the game his freshman year of High School, always hyper and ready to fight even if close to dehydration. Now you can see him on the ditch field fighting and having fun. Red has taken breaks from the game multiple times as well. Now he is back to (once again) work on his goals and get to where he would be like in the game. On his off time, he is working at a pool over the summer and going to school for IT in the fall and spring. When he is not doing that, League of Legends is what he is most likley doing. As of June 2014, Red had moved to Pittsburgh PA, and has taken a Hiatus from the game. Maybe a prophecy will be foretold of his return one day... Maybe.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

He has been a page or Man at Arms to many people such as Gailwind, Zamorak, Trelick, and Jynx Mercades. As of October 2016, he accepted a belt from newly appointed knight, Hitorimono.

Shogun Hitorimono (Crown: Oct 2016 Flame: July 2021)

Notable Accomplishments

  • Master Healer, Given by King Garret Thornwood at 2014-06-14

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