Redhawk Longwing

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Redhawk Longwing, Shadowkeep, Wetlands

”If you can't get their respect, fear will do”




A former member of one of the few knighted families in all of amtgard.

Redhawk Longwing, Ladyhawk Longwing and Sir Chip Infero


Affiliated Groups

Lord of House of Hawk

Former Co-Captain of the White Tiger Company

Member of the Wetland's Hospitalers Guild

Captain of the Fighting Company, Dragonstorm


Belted Family

Former Squire to Sir Crom Ironwolf

Sir Crom Ironwolf was formerly squired to Grand Duke Sir Morgan Ironwolf, who was squired to Fnord Farthing, who was squired to Sir Michael Hammer of God.

Beltline of Sir Redhawk Longwing

Squire Silvertip

Squire Lord Lasher

Squire Defender Keldoran

Squire Gamble

Squire Lord Apophis Warchild

SquireSilvertip.jpg SquireLasher.jpg SquireKeldoran.jpg


Notable Accomplishments

Wetlands' Knight of the Flame, December 2,2006 by theWetlands' Circle of Knights -- Dropped (7/20/2014)

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