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Titan, from Crimson Dawn in the Empire of the Iron Mountains

"Rakis 2012 or bust! If the Mayans want me dead they can take me, but I won't go without my drinking horn damn it!!!" - Titan

"Wartime!" - Zeb

"A bulldozer on a flatbed truck, enough said.” - Az

"That guy is as out of the ordinary as a Falmer that can see." - Garret



After being off and on for about a year, the confused returns not so triumphant. Still unable to decide on a persona name or class he just went out and ditched. A return to this world has awakened a spirit of commitment and a flame of desire to help and succeed in Amtgard. However, amongst this hoo-ha there was a discovery. It was discovered belligerent behaviours to his Jimmy and getting cored in the face isn't his cup of tea. So, the man headed for the hills, and began meditation in one of the mountainous regions local taverns. After some guidance from an assassin named Az he began to understand what he can bring to Amtgard. After days, weeks, months, of pondering he decides to take a shot at the archer class. Hopefully soon we’ll find out if that is his calling. Very friendly with an unfortunate knack at dishing out head shots, this also attributes to his hiatus of the sword. As someone who will be attending his first Rakis this year there is much preparation he is doing. Because of joining just after the 2010 Rakis and leaving due to mundane circumstances right before the 2011 Rakis, there is very much hype and excitement for this years Rakis.

Affiliated Groups

Brotherhood of the Black Oak (Poc)

Belted Family

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