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Riddick of Northern Holdfast, Iron Mountains

""I think my landlord is a ninja turtle. all he eats is pizza""


Riddick started playing in the Northern Holdfast in 2003. He created a Black Templar group in the North Haven.

Riddick is notorious for rarely wearing garb, despite numerous people making garb for him, as it doesn't meet his high standards. He thinks his garb makes him look 'appalacian'

Belted Family

Riddick was a Man-at-Arms to Grendel Vetra Skald as of August 2003, and made a Squire to Grendel in 2005 to 2008. Grendel jumped him into his belt line by strokin' Riddick in the stomach with the handle of his sword.

His MaA is Leo

Affiliated Groups

Member of The Cobra Kai Dojo

He is a member of the Ninja Turtles Household



Ironman Tournament

His 21st Birthday

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