Riven Asayri

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Riven Asayri
Riven Asayri Fighting.jpg
Riven with her Harley Quinn swords
Chapter Iron Springs
Principality Winter's Edge
Kingdom Neverwinter
Started 2012
Noble Title Mistress
Belted Status Man at Arms
Belted Under Pahyum
Contact Information
E-Mail [1]
Phone 706-333-7699

Mistress Man at Arms Riven Asayri, of Iron Springs under the Principality of Winter's Edge, NW


Riven started the game in 2012 when her boyfriend at the time Jarek took her to Crystalline Chronicles II. It was her first time doing anything Amtgard related, and she fell in love with the game. After that, she helped Jarek start up Ogre's Grotto and kept it afloat as Chancellor and Sheriff until February 2015. She now plays at Iron Springs.

After spending too long around the Seraphim, a company with actual goals like "being good fighters" and "being clean fighters" and "covering everything in green and wings", she and Tenebrae created the Dead Weights fighting company. Now, if you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of hundreds of players cursing the day the Dead Weights got stuck on their team.

Riven is incredibly loyal to the monarchy of Winter's Edge. So very loyal. The most loyal, in fact. She has definitely never participated in a coup and been appointed the official executioner after denouncing her own belt lord, reigning Prince Pahyum. She has also never attempted to assassinate visiting monarchy. Definitely didn't succeed twice during one Feast, either. Also didn't assassinate the WE Regent at the same Feast. Why would she even do those things?

At some point, completely unrelated to the aforementioned non-killing of visiting monarchy, she grew a fondness for octopus. She now has a hoard comprised of Lilith the King Slayer, Joon, and Jezebel Ballbreaker the Pacifist. Billy was a part of the hoard until he went MIA at Winter's Edge Spring Coro 2017.

Affiliated Groups

The Book Wyrms of Amtgard
Dead Weights

Belted Family

Pahyum took Riven as his Page on October 11, 2014. He promoted her to Man at Arms on October 15, 2016. She likes to refer to herself as a Woman With Arms.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Helped plan and run Fall 2014 WE Southern Region Coronation
  • Created The Book Wyrms household with Biff and Doak
  • Created the Dead Weights fighting company with Tenebrae
  • Definitely didn't assassinate Pumpkin Jack at the WE Arts and Sciences Symposium 2017 (twice)
  • Ran Winter's Edge's first Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition

Offices Held