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Riverwood, Freehold

A defunct Freehold of the Burning Lands, located in El Dorado Hills, California.




Formed in the wake of rampant rule abuse in Golden Hills, Riverwood was formed by Sythian Darkendale as a splinter group. This split led to the fall of Golden Hills in 1999 as Riverwood overtook it in popularity among the local player base.
This group is no longer in operation.


Contacts and Directions

Contact: Antonio De Silva

Riverwood met on Saturdays at 1:00 PM, at Art Weisberg Park, right by Jackson School. To get to Art Weisberg from El Dorado Hills, simply turn on Francisco Drive towards St. Andrews Park from El Dorado Hills Boulevard, and keep going straight until you get to the intersection just in front of Jackson School. Turn right on the intersection, and the entire left side of the street is the park!

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