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Roast Heraldry.png
Roast's heraldry
Chapter Greenharbor
Kingdom Polaris
Started 2015
Company Einherjar

Jarl Roast Valravn, of Greenharbor of the Kingdom of Polaris

Roast at KotB8

"And that's when the fun began" -Roast


Roast is descended from a long line of Germanic Vikings from the Northern Prairies Seas. The lands that he hails from are plentiful in crops, livestock and large fish-able bodies of water. They experience a full range of the seasons, but the winters are especially harsh, with large volumes of snow and shockingly cold temperatures. This lead to Roast growing up among a hearty stock of farmer’s children and cemented the knowledge that he uses today firmly into his being. Because of the cold and harsh winters, Roast spent much time growing up rabidly consuming the written word for entertainment and has found that the wisdom and higher level learning gained has done him a great service in his adult life. Knowing that he wanted more out of his life then to be a simple farmer, when a great caravan came through his village one fall day, he leaped at the chance to offer his services to drive a wagon when a number of the caravan folks fell ill just before reaching the village. Roast said goodbye to his family, and his adventures very quickly began.

After months of traveling with the caravan, seeing new things and experiencing undreamed of things they stopped for the night at the North Star Lodge, on the outskirts of a growing settlement in the Principality of Polaris, Ice Haven. While he and his fellow travelers were drinking and eating and generally enjoying themselves a group of the Prince’s Guard entered the Lodge and made their way to the barkeep. The denizens of the tavern listened in for whispers and scraps of the conversation before the Guard made their way to the front of the all and made an announcement. A raiding band of Drow Elves had struck at the travelling Prince Broton’s caravan and made away with the Prince as their hostage. The Prince’s Guard had been heavily wounded and they were seeking additional members to join their party to venture into the Under-Dark and rescue the Prince. While not a fighting men of much skill, Roast and several others from his caravan fortified their hearts and donned armor and grabbed weapons provided to them by the Prince’s Guard from their wounded brethren and joined with them to rescue the Prince Broton. Upon entering the Under-Dark the party broke off into smaller groups to search for the Prince. Roasts group fought against all kinds of fell beasts, but were not able to find the Prince. As the battles added up, the list of injuries for Roasts group grew and slowly their numbers started to fall. With only Roast left alive he made the decision to leave and try to report their lack of findings to someone. Upon finding the exit Roast collapsed from exhaustion and his many collected wounds. The Prince was found and rescued and the successful party found Roast as they made their own exit and carried him back with them to the North Star Lodge.

With his numerous wounds, Roast knew that he would need a long time to heal and it was with a heavy heart that he made goodbyes with the folk of the caravan that he had been travelling with since leaving his village. As he recovered he began working as a jack of all trades at the North Star Lodge and the owner was especially glad to have his assistance with the book-keeping and various paperwork needed to keep the Lodge functioning. After several months the North Star Lodge was contacted and eventually contracted to set up a travelling stall at an event to be held in the owner of the Queen of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds who was going to be visiting to inspect her lands and grant additional favors to those of her subjects that had provided services to the Crown. Roast, now fully recovered and fully immersed in the working of the Lodge was tasked to join the Lodge members who would be setting up and working the stall for the festivities. The North Star Lodge members were busy all day and night serving drinks and food to all of the folks who were attending the various festivities scheduled by the Prince Broton to celebrate the Queen’s visit. Unfortunately, tensions had been brewing and a large battle broke out between descendants of those from the Empire of Rome and the more native folk of the land and over insults that had been traded back and forth. Little known to both folks that their anger and rage and been stoked by an even more foreign entity. In the middle of the battle a large crash was heard and a strange being appeared. Roast, having joined the battle had been assaulting the war engines that the Roman descendants had unleashed for the battle and was close enough to hear the being announcing that they had been released from the imprisonment by one of the bands searching for the Prince Broton when he had been taken hostage by the Drow and with a wave of their hands the dead bodies of both the Roman descendants and the native folk rose from the ground and transformed into all kinds of hideous beasts and assaulted every human still standing. The two sides quickly came together to join forces and hold back this chaotic invasion. The field became slick with the blood of beasts and the Roman war engines, protected by the native folk worked even worse destruction upon the beasts than they had wrought before. After many hours of bloody battle the people of Polaris emerged triumphant and the Romans and Native folk came together as a single people in a way that had truly never happened before. During the celebration, the Queen elevated one of her people, Sir Raphael as a Knight of the Serpent for his work in the arts. During the late night celebrations, a band of mercenaries approached Roast. They had seen him fighting during the battle, throwing himself physically against the engines of war that he Romans had brought and been impressed. They offered him the chance to join the band and become a member of the Einherjar. Looking into the eyes of their members and seeing a determination and a fire to become something great that matched his own dreams and with a longing to find a family in this new life that he had found himself in, Roast accepted.

Having joined the traveling party of Prince Broton to GAC:Rise of the Nightmare Lord, the party initially made use of his wagon. Unfortunately, not soon after setting out the horses pulling Roast's Wagon went wild and ran the wagon into another wagon in the caravan rendering it useless. Upon procuring a temporary wagon while Roast's was under repair, the party was able to continue and eventually arrive at the battlefield. Traveling through the woods with other members of Einherjar Roast and his fellows were able to recover an impressive number of medallions from the cultists inhabiting the woods, but alas another party was able to recover even more. The rest of the event passed in a blur of merriment and work assisting the Prince Broton in preparing for court. During court as Prince Broton was stepping down, the sun turned a strange hue and the earth starting shaking violently. Suddenly, Prince Broton was attacked and held hostage by some inmates along with a man and women dressed as court jesters. A concerned citizen tried to intervene, but was slammed through a table and almost set on fire, but at the last moment a man wearing all black and a mask with the visage of a bat appeared and drove off the villains. The man removed his mask, introducing himself as Bruce Wayne and expressed to all those gathered that those in attendance had been transported to another world. In the coming days, as the rage over their predicament grew Roast and several other members of The Einherjar felt a strange power growing within them. They were soon visited by an unknown entity and presented with Red Lantern Rings and inducted into the halls of the Red Lanterns.

During Polaris' Mid Reign festival two armies, comprised of heroes and villains fought in numerous battles. It culminated in a battle within the vary walls of Arkham Asylum where the villains had captures and were holding hostage Superman. While the force of heroes tried valiantly to free Superman, in the end they were unable. However, they were able to capture and hold hostage The Joker, and when the force villains left Arkham to free him, the villains sneaked in and fortified themselves within Arkham's walls. Upon realizing they had been duped the villains turned around and began to assault the Asylum's walls. Having been inside themselves just moments before they were able to make use of their knowledge and skills and breached numerous walls to gain entry to Arkham and succeeded in freeing The Joker. Later that night, while attending Bruce Wayne's charity galla, Polaris' watched as The Joker tried to interupt the proceedings and was soundly beaten and drug off by Robin, but not before a concerned citizen was once again placed in danger and had a mysterious liquid poured upon him from above by Harley Quin.

At Dungeon Day 2016, The Joker managed to escape his cell from within Arkham's walls and took over the asylum for his own purposes. Roast and a band of adventurers were hired by LutherCorp to gain entrance to the asylum and recapture The Joker and return him to his cell. The party fought their way through numerous escaped villains and barely escaped a number of traps, but, just when it seems that victory was within their grasp and The Joker would be theirs, The Joker appeared an a TV, complimented Roast and his party on killing all of the maintenance and medical staff, but informed them that they would not be able to capture him and detonated a bomb destroying Arkham. Barely escaping with their lives Roast and his party made it back to the city. It so happens that all of the Polaris' citizens had grown tired of this realm, and had been working on a great magic portal together, to bring them back to their rightful homes. As a single body, all of the people of Polaris' stepped through the portal...and appeared inside of a square...something. Surrounded on all sides by screaming people holding signs. The square was enclosed with three ropes each higher than the last forming a, cage of sorts around the square. The last thing that Roast heard was a man yelling, several times louder than should be possible "LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!".

In this even stranger new world that Roast and all of Polaris found themselves in it was quickly determined that all of the known Kingdoms were present in this strange new world, but there were tensions rising very rapidly to Polaris' south. The Kingdoms or Rivermoor and Emerald Hills were at odds in regards to the future of their Kingdoms and eyed each other with distrust. Both Kingdoms rallied their allies and marched towards each other, meeting in the lands of the Kingdom of Tal Dagore. The people of Polaris, marched to join with the armies of their grandparent Kingdom, the Emerald Hills. Broton, Morpheus and Roast traveled together in Roast's wagon and set up camp among the armies of the Emerald Hills. As the war drums were beat and soldiers lost their lives a dark power that had influenced King Ormar of Rivermoor was gathering souls to feed his dark powers. Through the various battles that took place the two armies fought each other to a standstill. When neither army could stand the site of further bloodshed an accord was reached and a tentative peace was agreed to.

Roast at Known World War 1

Annually the Kingdoms of Amtgard meet at Gathering of the Clans to discuss vital matters to the functioning of their lands. A large contingent from Polaris was in attendance, as one of the items for discussion that year would be whether the Kingdoms of Amtgard would elevate the Principality to its own Kingdom. Roast and his fellow company brothers and sisters traveled to the gathering use Baron Hager Silverdragon's Bifrost. Crossing the country in the Bifrost was a warm and pleasant experience and upon arriving the members of Polaris partied and enjoyed the company of members from all of the lands of Amtgard. This gathering saw, for the first time in many years, all of the actual Monarchs of their Kingdoms in attendance and saw Polaris receive an unprecedented 18 unanimous votes to become a Kingdom. Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!

Upon returning to Polaris shocking news was heard. In expectation of becoming a Kingdom Prince Akyo had sent out an expeditionary force to secure new lands for the fledgling Kingdom to grow into and dire news of the state of the force was heard. The greater populace of Polaris rushed to give assistance where they were quickly caught in the trap of a Lich in an alternate dimension, where the members of Polaris and others were set in a series of sick games against each other to try and free themselves from the pocket dimension, all with the aims of the Lich escaping himself. However, the Polaricans quickly caught onto the scheme and were able to trick the Lich into escaping while leaving himself trapped behind.

Keep on the Borderlands 7 saw Roast, Shaft and Mhotep create and then lead a pickup team of Polaricans, calling themselves Pole'aris to 3rd place.

Dungeon Day 2017 saw Roast ascend to the monarchy of Polaris as Hand of the King to King Queball Ironwolf.

Roast as Regent of the Kingdom of Polaris

Known World War 2 happened, and Pole'aris made another showing and with its efforts combined with that of the mighty Emerald Hills showed Rivermoor and Tal Dagore what for.

GAC 2017 witnessed Roast descending from the office of Hand of the King, being awarded his title of Jarl and watching his company brother Broton ascend as the Warchief of Polaris and ally with the pinkies of the Alliance lead by the Prince of Stormwind Akyo.

Keep on the Borderlands 8 saw Roast and the Einherjar join forces with Norse Star, The Golden City All-Stars and Asura, and saw the deployment of a contingent of 15+ foot polearms that proved that Sir Queball had found the meta, upped the meta, and left everyone else in the dust as the team flew easily to victory.

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

  • Awarded the Order of Orion at MAME 2015
  • Awarded title of Brewmaster of Polaris at GAC 2015
  • Awarded Hellrider at Polaris Mid Reign, October 2015, for still making it to GAC after almost totaling his car
  • Recieved the title of Jarl, June 2017, for his service as Regent of the Kingdom of Polaris
  • Awarded the honorific title of Kennel Guardian from Dog Soldiers of CuChulainn

Officer Positions