Rodnik Ferrowell

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Squire Rodnik Ferrowell, of King's Point Emerald Hills

Rodnik's Company Heraldry
Home Park King's Point
Kingdom Emerald Hills
Year Started 2012
Belt Status Man at Arms
Company Member of the Wardancers
Combat Ranking
Wave Dancer
A&S Ranking
Way Dancer
Wave.jpg Way.jpg

”The four elements, like man alone, are weak. But together they form the strong fifth element: boron” - Brother Silence



An aspiring young scout who plays the class of scout since the summer of 2012 and enjoys scouting. He often scouts during battle games while wearing his green sash. He can often be seen carrying his bow that he uses as a scout while scouting. Most people yell archer when they want his attention.

Hit things with a big shield and stick for a few months.

Enjoyed pointy hats and fireballs for a while.

Communed with nature and gained magic powers.

Now getting into curses and armor.


-Matt in the hat

Affiliated Groups

House Ferrowell

Member of the Wardancers (Wave Dancer)

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Positions Held

Regent of Irongate December 2012-December 2013 (2 terms)

Duke of Irongate December 2013-May 2014

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