Rose Bloodsong

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Rose Bloodsong
Home Park Port Union
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Year Started 2012
Noble Title Baronet
Belt Status Man at Arms

Baronet Rose Adeline Bloodsong, Port Union, Kingdom of Crystal Groves

Formally Rose of Norfolk


Baronet Rose Bloodsong served as the Duchess of the Harbour of Rhye.

Race: Deerkin (Half Forest Nymph, Half Human)

Age: 20 Human years

Gender: Female

Eyes: Green

Hair: Dark Brown / Long

Body type: Curvy

Personality: Shy

Current Jobs: Head Tavern Waitress at Phoenix Fire Inn, Owner of the Rose Garden Zoo.

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Rose received the title of Baronet at the HoR Fall Midreign 2015, for her recurring, outstanding service as Ducal Prime Minister, by the Hand of Baronet Squire Yhamish McKrotch, the then Monarch of KCG.