Sacred Winds

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Amtgard Chapter
Sacred Winds
Status Shire
City Ellensburg, Washington
Park McElroy park
Meets on Saturday at 12pm
Founded 1999
Active Defunct


Sacred Winds heraldry is lost to history. To the best of my memory this Sacred Winds.jpgis as close as I can get to a remake of it. --Munch Ironfistersson 08:04, 7 July 2013 (EDT)


Sacred Winds was founded in 1999 by Aurin and Xavier in their Central Washington University dorm room; fighting in the halls and gathering interest in the weeks following. Then a group of college students and locals started joining in including Chirugi, Okami, and Zero. The land experienced a brief heyday soon after founding with numbers in the 20s. Due to many of the land's main group either graduating or simply moving away, Sacred Winds died down to a low 5-10 members around 2002.

under The Grand Duchy of Stormhaven

Founded in 1999 The Shire of Sacred Winds had a large starting populace do to the founders being popular collage students because of that Sacred Winds experienced a brief golden age with turnout of 20-30 but by 2000 Populace numbers had fallen primarily do to many, including some founders graduated from Central Washington University and moving away. Turnout dropped to less then five weekly. Since founding Sacred Winds has had multiple dramatic turnovers in its populace, mostly do to an over reliance on the seasonal, and temporary student population in addition little effort was made to maintain a stable locale payer base or governance, compounded with a sires of PM scandals. Sadly Sacred Winds turnout would never again brake the 3-10 mark and eventually it went defunct between 2007-08.

A Founders Oral History

Emailed about chapter updates--Linden 23:32, 3 July 2008 (EDT)

Park was started in Summer (June or July) of 1999 by Squire Aurin Silvermoon, Zero, James (forget his Amtgard name), Jesse (another name forgotten) and myself, when I was then known as Ace. We first started meeting at Rhinehardt Park on Saturday's, but moved it to Kiwanis Park during winter for ease of access (and the fact that Rhinehardt Park was closed during winter). It wasn't until early Fall that the name "Sacred Wind" was thought up...this being due to the fact that the wind was always blowing in the valley. The name was originated by Zero, and voted for and unanimously agreed upon shortly thereafter. We achieved roughly 20 unique sign-in's after a year or so, and raided the Seattle and Spokane parks regularly.

Moving on, I was able to get in contact with the park a couple months ago...only 2-3 people actually swing foam, and not on anything called a 'regular basis', by their own admission. In my mind, that leads to a defunct park. Sad to hear, considering, but all good things must end, I suppose.

Use whatever of this you wish on the main page, Linden. --Ashen 17:20, 4 July 2008 (CST)

Other chapters founded in Ellensburg, WA.

Moving Trees was Renamed Sacred Wind In honor of those that went before.


Ace Aurin Silvermoon, Squire Chirugi Gryffin Peehs
Ender Snuggles De Fluff Fluff Felsen Zero Cricket_(The_Hermit)

and many. many more...



Battle games are Saturdays around noon over at McElroy park. Everyone is welcome.

  • Coming from North of Federal Way:

Take I-5 or I-405 to I-90. Follow I-90 to Ellensburg. Take the first Ellensburg exit (University exit) Go straight at the stop sign coming off of the exit. Follow that street (several miles through country) until you reach Main. Take left at light and follow road until you are at a "T" intersection and you see Kiwanis Park on your right.Take a right and go straight. turn Left onto D st. turn right at the end and go up 18th st at the end you are at the park.. Coming from south of Federal Way: Take I-5 to Hwy 18. Take Hwy 18 to I-90 Follow above.

  • Coming from Spokane:

Take I-90 to E-burg and take first Ellensburg exit. Go straight at the first stop sign until you reach Main St. Turn left and go straight up main until you reach the "T" intersection and Kiwanis Park is visible on your right. Take a right and go straight. turn left onto D st. turn right at the end and go up 18th st at the end you are at the park. From Seattle the drive is 110 miles which is around a hour and a half drive from there. For Spokane, I believe it's a two and a half hour drive, but I'm not positive!

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