Sajish Nar-l

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Lord Master MaA Sajish Nar-l, of Falcon's Nest a Freehold

”You will taste great with Ketchup.”

l_3cc58ca183d540ffa89b0f411dc64734.jpg Sajish Nar-l (aka Dragon) Wizard watching his step kids at Fallen Rocke. 2008


Sajish Nar-l, more commonly know as Dragon to the populace of Blackfire Pass, is a Dragon-kine adventurer who settled in our mountainous region. He found his True Love and followed her to a new home in the Mishawanka area.

Starting at the Freehold of Valley of the Crimson Sun, in May 2005, helping to found the Ragged Crows later that year after the Hell-Pig experience at Battlecry Two. He took a six month hiatus and returned actively to Amtgard at Blackfire PassRW. HE then moved to Elkhart, Indiana to follow his heart. He is currently attending the newly formed park of Mystic Plains

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