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Baronette Sirrah Saphira Ceallach Odinson of Cursed Prairie, Rising Winds

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"Ya know.."

"It is all fun in games till you run out of pickles!"

"W.O.W makes my hard-on go away"


She began playing in May 2007. She is a member of Cursed Prairie in East Peoria, IL. She is also the mother to Audrey aka Annmarina and Chayton aka ThunderWolf.

Affiliated Groups


Belt Line

Belted Family Line

Notable Accomplishments



Other Oddities

  • Robert I of Scotland (Robert the Bruce) bestowed her Lady Title.
  • Received her first OWL for constructing weapons for Joan of Ark's armies.
  • Received her second OWL for building the Statue of Liberty
  • Received her first DRAGON for being the tracer on Davinci's Mona Lisa
  • Received her second DRAGON for writing the Magic Flute and allowing Mozart to take the credit for it
  • Received her first WARRIOR for being the person that actually shot Achillis' in the ankle
  • Received her first ROSE for sharpening the quill for Thomas Jefferson when he signed the Declaration of Independence
  • Received her first LION for leading the Pirates against Calypso
  • Received her first GARBER for standing in for Betsy Ross and sewing the first American flag
  • Prefers to receive HIPPOGRIFFs instead of GRYPHONs

Additional Images

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Saphira pictured with her Knight Thorvald after receiving her Master Dragon from King Varas

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